Eiga Joyū/Enigma: Setsuko Hara

A first attempt at a video essay. This is an essay/appreciation of the great actress done as B-movie.

A bad man falls in love with a dead woman. He asks another woman to read his voice over. She is unsure of her voice, demure much like the dead woman's earliest performances.

Made for two separate, successive screenings (on the same day) of Ozu's Tokyo Story, hence the run time.

In the future I hope to revise and add to this project. More access to Hara's wartime pictures is a priority, as is A Woman in the Typhoon Area (颱風圏の女, Hideo Ohba, 1948) in which Hara plays a gangster's moll. This initial version uses all films available to English speaking audiences. There is work of hers (Typhoon included) which has been released on home video in Japan.